The Third Web #2 – Quantifying Gaze

Let’s Talk Bitcoin writes:
The Third Web #2 – Quantifying Gaze

Today we are taking a quick look at a range of problems and their solutions through the lens of a little known project known as Gazecoin. Under the gaze coin banner are a range of projects, among them, a virtual world with purchasable real estate which serves as a content delivery channel.

I first encountered Gazecoin when founder Jonny peters invited me to check out the project?’?s pilot content-creation studio in Sydney.?‚

Jonny is an accomplished entrepreneur who made his first move in the entertainment tech space in 1998. He began looking into transmedia and virtual worlds in the mid 2000, and hosted cryptocon, a cryptocurrency summit in 2014. His vision for a narrative driven virtual world and economy enters around one simple input: measuring a users direction of gaze.

Bok Khoo is the legendary Australian Ethereum developer tasked with making Jonny?’?s vision a reality. This requires a range of tools and is the subject of our discussion today.