Buy and Sell Bitcoins in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bitcoins in Minneapolis If you want to buy or sell bitcoin (BTC/XBT) in Minneapolis then you have made the right choice! is your go-to resource. Whether you know all about bitcoin or have only heard about it today- we will get you started in the right direction. Check this page often for updates and news local to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A little about Bitcoin:

Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralized monetary system that can be used nearly instantly to send value anywhere in the world. The system behind it is mathematically verified and view-able by the public. There are no companies or nations involved in the distribution of the currency (open-source). The Bitcoins are secured with cryptography and private/public keys to prevent double-spending, something that has never been successfully developed until now. Bitcoin may be the future of buying and spending for the world. If you would like to learn more, visit our FAQ.

With Bitcoin you get:

  • No Waiting (Instant Transactions!)
  • No Fees (There are no banks involved charging huge fees!)
  • Send money internationally instantly.
  • Security through Cryptography- Only you have access to your Bitcoins!

Live Feed of BTC/USD Price

It’s great that you landed here today. It’s time to start accumulating bitcoin while the getting is still good!
Many of us think it will go to $100k sooner rather than later.

Buy Bitcoins with a Credit Card or Bank Transfer

It’s an amazing world where we can easily buy bitcoins with a credit card and PayPal. When the prices were below $500 USD/BTC it was nearly impossible to get Bitcoins without dealing with someone directly or waiting for old exchange systems to keep up with the demand. You couldn’t just find someone in Minneapolis unless you were already involved in the community and certainly not just $50 worth. Now that’s all different!

No technical skills are needed any more to trade, sell and buy almost any product with Bitcoin. The world is starting to adopt it quickly. There’s never a better time than now to enter the world of digital crypto-currency. It’s safer and faster than most of the modern ways of dealing with money and it’s only beginning to effect the world, much like the internet was in the late 80s and early 90s when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were investing in new technology that the world hadn’t caught on to yet. Bitcoin is soaring and doubling and quadrupling every year into the future so far. And the math proves how valuable it is now and will be in the coming generations and it’s only starting. You can read the scientific paper on our homepage.

Many people in Minnesota are starting to invest little by little every paycheck while making short-term and long-term gains on the way. Spending $20, $50, even $100 into bitcoin is easy with exchanges that let you buy with a credit card or bank transfer. We recommend using the CEX.IO exchange, they are an amazing company that takes the buying and selling of Bitcoin worldwide to another level with their ease and simplicity. Their security is phenomenal as well!.

Buy Bitcoins Today with a Credit Card or Bank Transfer!

Looking to buy Bitcoin in Minneapolis, Minnesota in-person or with cash? Begin with  – They have an awesome system where you can connect with Bitcoin owners in your city or online with many payment methods to choose from.

Bitcoins can be broken down, too- 0.00000001 is the smallest denomination of a Bitcoin and is called a Satoshi. This means you can buy $20, $50, or $100 worth of Bitcoin now and save it or begin spending it and join the world of BTC!

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Buy and Sell Bitcoins in Minneapolis, Minnesota