Bitcoin Core Released

Bitcoin Core writes:
Bitcoin Core Released


Bitcoin Core has been released with a fix for a minor bug in 0.15.0,
which caused the GUI client to crash for some users after upgrading to 0.15.0.

After upgrade to 0.15.0, some clients would crash at startup because a custom
fee setting was configured that no longer exists in the GUI. This is a minimal
patch to avoid this issue from occurring.

Please see the release notes for details. To download, please visit
the download page.

If have any questions, please stop by either our IRC or Slack
chatrooms and we’ll do our best to help you.

Hashes for verification

b1ac0cd472f98040fbce9cea79348da2c6140a452427f9fe56d060413ec67f2d  bitcoin-
7fb2290464ff056213593878cac1d111422204e81b1ccb93f95b145c309895c5  bitcoin-
061bdd552fdc048a98e04ab436165b121346ecd989e1bc91db0246888fcadf7d  bitcoin-
23a36e28295ef05faf67d41be0610d5f5f1059d904aa74efca7a6700a82d6dc2  bitcoin-
9f90a5b5623287b762e3280fd86fc7adc7180a071513d5d663133f030452b1dd  bitcoin-
b57e9e756018e4082f5557a4216195b0cd197c5a62473b6fe0509a0aa71e519b  bitcoin-
f3e7ef9ac9d510a185efb0f0253dc1f49d627768999a66f13e86de4c38854680  bitcoin-
f0aebade2b43e253ad66fd920e00524048f5a9b9933936e735844d316433791a  bitcoin-
ae3efa47bf87a694a5368cd6fea96c9942fe9be7856720b5027c8902e46a88d1  bitcoin-